No kittens currently available.

Should you wish to  go on a waiting list to be notified prior to them being listed here, please contact me by email.  If you have a colour preference or want a particular sex only, please let me know.  All kittens are desexed prior to leaving me.

Please let me know about your longhaired cat experience, whether there are any other animals in your home, whether you own or rent (if you rent, if you have landlord permission to have a cat), and whether there any other adults or children in your home or if anyone suffers allergies.

If I simply get an email that says I want a kitten, how much are they, then be warned I will just delete them.



I have 2 girls who will be ready shortly, if you think you are ready to take an older girl into your heart, please email me for details

Due to Vic law changes, I am unable to list any individual kittens here for sale until they have been microchipped, which isn’t done until they have been desexed at 11 weeks, as they are too little to be microchipped any earlier than that.    If you want to enquire though about whether there are any kittens that may be available in the future, just email me.


Is a Persian the right cat for you and your home?

Before contacting me to adopt one of my kittens, please consider the following.

Persian cats are a longhaired breed, and require care and attention to keep them looking their best.

They should be combed and brushed daily to prevent their coats matting, they may need their eyes cleaned daily to prevent staining (particularly light coloured cats), and should be bathed regularly.  Kittens will only be sold to indoor loving homes, or those with an outdoor enclosure.

They are a gentle natured, loving breed with a sweet expression, large round eyes, and give the best kitty cuddles and head butts.  I of course am not at all biased  in my love of their wonderful personality.

The nitty gritty

Kitten are $1000.

A $100 non refundable deposit is required in order for the kitten of your choice to be held for you.

A kitten is not considered sold until payment has been made in full.

All my kittens are wormed, flea treated,  littertrained, vaccinated x 2, microchipped and desexed prior to them leaving myself for their new home.   There are NO exceptions to them being desexed unless you are a registered breeder.  They also come with all pedigree papers, and an information kit with details on looking after your new kitten.  They have been raised indoors, so are well used to the noise and bustle of a busy household, and used to being handled by children.  They have been bathed regularly from 4 weeks, so are used to be handled for bathing and drying.

Kittens are usually ready to leave at 12- 14 weeks.  They have been raised on a mix of fresh raw beef, and quality canned and dry foods, and litter trained using kitter pet litter.

Please note that due to new laws introduced by the Vic government, I cannot advertise kittens for sale until after they have been microchipped (which does not occur until they are at least 10 weeks of age due to risk to the kitten)

When Kittens are available for adoption, and displayed on this page, they will be marked as follows:

AVAILABLEThere has been no payments made on this kitten

RESERVED Deposit has been received, but balance of payment yet to be made.

SALE PENDING This kitten has a potential buyer, but deposit has not yet been made.  All Kittens remain available, until a deposit is received.

SOLD Kitten has been paid for in full and is no longer available


Retiring Adults are $250 – $300.