About Me

Hi my name is Linda Kitson, and I am a registered persian breeder with the GCCFV, under the prefix Jedaro.

My goal is to breed quality persians with wonderful temperaments, in a variety of colours, but with an emphasis on chocolate and lilac in solids, bicolours, vans and smokes.

After visiting a few cat shows, and being always attracted to the persians,  it was inevitable I would soon acquire one of my own.  So I hunted for a suitable boy, and found my heart cat, Oggy, via a breeders website.  It was love at first sight for me, and I could not wait until he came to me from NSW.  I started showing my neuter boy Oggy (aka Chainoponds Kungfu Panda), a black van neuter in 2010, and I showed him throughout his neuter journey on the show bench to his  title of Gold Premier Neuter and he has had me totally wrapped around his huge furry paws since day 1.

Since Oggy came into my life, I have become thoroughly enchanted by this wonderful breed, falling totally under their spell, and made many lifelong friends amongst the breeders I have met, and whose cats and lines i have been entrusted with.  I have now embarked on my breeding journey.  After much searching, I acquired my foundation girls from a couple of wonderful breeders, and would like to thank Robyn Morrison (Rosimorn Persians and Exotics), and Elizabeth Swanston (Admat Persians), for entrusting me with their chocolate lines, as well as their invaluable guidance and support, I could not have done this without their help, and also much thanks to my friend and mentor Wendy Mieglitz (Trazarra Persians) who has also allowed me to welcome my wonderful stud boy Salem into our home as well as her continual help, wisdom and support.  I would also like to thank Pauline King (Markin Persians) and Tammy Rushton (Shawtop Persians), for allowing the 2 newest additions to my program to come south, I can’t wait to see what they can contribute to my breeding program.  I also add a very big thanks to Denise Hoffman, (Schokovita Persians) who has allowed my boy OJ to come all the way from Germany to be part of my program – words cannot express the gratitude of such trust in allowing him to make the journey downunder.

Life with Persians is certainly never dull, they just have a certain way about them, and once you have had one, you never want a different breed of cat again.  If you want to add a Persian to your life, feel free to contact me via the details on the contact page.